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Custom Made Swords
Practice and Fencing

Swords by Mr. Lou Laudel
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

I (Dr. Tom Krapu) do not benefit from the sales of these custom swords. I simply offer this source to the t'ai chi community. I have known Mr. Laudel for years and have practiced for years with the sword he made for me. It is a joy every time I hold it in my hands. My sword is among the swords pictured below. His swords are made from fine woods of many types to achieve the best possible practice and/or fencing sword. For inquiries, contact Mr. Laudel directly.

"S" Pommel


Click on any image to enlarge.

"S" Pommel Sword

Flower Pommel Sword

Custom sword specially made for Dr. Tom Krapu, Yin-Yang hilt, Irish linen wrap, Yin Yang hilt, crane pommel.

Sword Yin/Yang hilt, Acorn pommel

Sleeping Man Sword

Different levels of customization are available.

Swords can be customized depending on intended use such as form practice or fencing.

Length, weight and balance points can be customized for each individual sword.

Discounts are available on orders of three or more customized swords, even with multiple shipping addresses, provided they are composed of the same woods.

Swords by
Mr. Lou Laudel

Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
or email him at:
marylou ("at")

Contact Mr. Laudel for information about custom sticks, staffs and archery equipment.
Click HERE to view a sample of archery bows.

(314) 842-2258
fax on request

Thank you for your interest.