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Professional Experience

Utilizing evidence based facilitation and coaching methods, Tom Krapu, PhD, PCC helps his organizational clients create impact across their organizations that lead to lasting and meaningful results. Whether it is developing leadership or creating a powerful culture in their organization, Tom's facilitation expertise and leadership coaching increases the effectiveness and sustainability of the organizations where he works.

Tom Krapu, PhD, PCC has worked with individuals in their development for over 30 years and since 2001 as a coach, trainer and facilitator. Tom has facilitated a wide array of organizations. Tom has obtained the PCC professional coaching certification from the International Coach Federation and has coached over two thousand hours with dozens of leadership coaching clients.

His work has had an international focus including coaching engagements in Malaysia, Korea and Japan, as well as across Europe and the United States.

His executive coaching experience includes working internationally with executives in diverse sectors of the economy from health care, to finance, publishing, government, food service and higher education. As a coach he also has international experience training internal coaches in a Fortune 100 company.

Tom was a contributor to the book Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict. Tom has been a t'ai chi practitioner since 1986.

Specialties: Offsite design and facilitation, team development, group facilitation, executive and leadership coaching.

His background includes:

Leadership Development "Top Down" Leadership Training workshop designed for all levels of an organization to teach about what leadership is, stimulate leadership thinking, and help individuals identify personal leadership development goals. This training usually includes a business ethics component.
  Infinite Potential Blog (was Spotlight on Leadership). A source about leadership and coaching. (Free Registration Link)
Vistage Presenter WOW's executive management as an authorized presenter for Vistage (LINK), Tom has presented to groups of CEO's within the Vistage network and is available to do presentations to executive leadership groups.

Arbinger Trained and ICF Certified Coach

Fosters deep internal work resulting in profound, lasting, and results focused changes in relationships in one's life. Tom completed his coaching training through the Arbinger Institute, Tom is authorized to use Arbinger methods and materials in one-on-one coaching. He is a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Benefits of Mentor Coaching

There are many reasons why you can
benefit from mentor coaching:

  • To developing into the profession.

Mentor Coaching .


  • Mentor Coaching.
  • Assessment of strengths and weaknesses with feedback.
  • Interventions to increase coaching effectiveness.


  • Coaching and psychological survey and testing.
  • 360 Evaluation to assist in personal understanding and branding of self and services.

Your return on investment can save you more than the
cost of these services. So why not consider discussing
mentor coaching

What You Can Expect

Some of the ways you can benefit from mentor coaching.

  • Lower attrition, training costs and turnover within the managerial team.
  • More effective professional development.
  • Greater job satisfaction and increased productivity.
  • Better risk management regarding potential liabilities.
  • Professional standards are maintained throughout the consultative process.

    All coaching is done in the most personal, yet professional
    manner, maintaining personal and corporate confidences.

Career Coaching Services

Tom Krapu provides the following career services:

Outplacement Coaching

Coaching individuals in career transition. Focusing on gaining clarity of goals, while leveraging experience and relationships to make career moves under stressful conditions.

Interest Testing and Interpretation

Tom has had significant experience helping individuals and groups understand the career process and has helped people develop an integrated plan regarding their work and career. Interest testing can be an integral part of this process and Tom provides testing services as well as comprehensive interpretive services.

He has directed a University Career Center in the past in addition to having worked with a multitude of individuals in this area of career life development. In the case where interest testing is available though other sources, Tom provides comprehensive interpretive services based on extensive training and experience in the area of career development. His work has included helping individuals who are transitioning their career because of external circumstances beyond their control as well as individuals who see that their career needs a different direction.

Career Planning and Development

Career Planning and Development is a lifelong process which follows basic principles. Tom has extensive training and experience in finer points of working in the area of career development. Coaching services are offered to help assess strengths, organize and plan career decisions, and set goals for implementation. The process of career development is taught in a manner which can result in a better ability to make career decisions throughout the life span.

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