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A PCC Marker Taxonomy

March 9th, 2019

I am taking a departure from writing for my executive coaching clients to Blog as a coach educator. The International Coach Federation has developed 47 behavioral Markers that are being used to define and evaluate coaching conversations. While some leaders might be interested in the coaching behavioral markers, I am writing this primarily for my coaching colleagues.

This is the debut of the ICF PCC Marker Taxonomy that I have developed. It is a tool that can make understanding and integrating the 47 PCC Markers into one’s coaching practice less formidable.

The abstract to the Taxonomy can be found at:

One of my missions in life is to help coaches be the best they can be and to introduce the Markers to all the coaches in the world who were not trained in them. I believe the Marker Taxonomy accelerates that process.

Click Here To Purchase an Individual License for the Taxonomy.

Please feel free to pass this onto the coaches you know. It can help them take their coaching further, regardless of their level of experience.