Infinite Potential


Professional Experience

Professional Coach | December 2001 – Present

Thomas Krapu initiated a “cross-training” program as a psychologist to transition to the coaching profession. This included nearly fifty hours of personal and mentor coaching, immersion into the coaching paradigm and active participation in the International Coach Federation (ICF). His participation as a member of the ICF has included attending multiple conferences, as well as presenting at two conferences. In addition, he has engaged in coaching research and contributed to two of the ICF Research Symposia. In 2003, Tom founded the Coaching and Psychotherapy Communities Special Interest Group (SIG) within the ICF and he is certified by the ICF as a “Professional Certified Coach” (PCC). He has experienced a variety of coach training including the Mastery Coaching Training through Arbinger Institute, where he is a member of the select “Results” organizational coaching team and an Arbinger facilitator. Tom has delivered International, individual and group coaching initiatives in organizations from Fortune 100 companies and higher education to smaller for-profit and non-profit entities. In addition, he has provided individual coaching services to clergy from the congregational to the bishop level as well as to people in transition, entrepreneurs and people in small business.

Director of Quality Assurance | People Resources, Inc. | March 1995 – May 2003

Consultative position (part-time) with primary responsibility to maintain a quality assurance program for employee assistance services. Activities include peer review, clinical consultation and participation in staff development, especially in the supervisor referral process. Providing leadership in the development and implementation of a Management Information System (MIS), consultation for managerial and employee assessment and generation of reports to the lead (executive) clinical and managerial team. Since May 2003 consultations continue on an as-needed basis and include presentations to client’s companies.

Developmental Psychologist | 1985 – 2011

Tom assists individual’s developmental needs and strives to accomplish tasks related to those needs. This includes working with individuals from a variety of developmental needs, backgrounds, and ages and from all levels of corporations. He is a provider of consultative services to a three-hundred-bed hospital including the provision of training presentations to staff and team meetings.

He provides consultations and developmental counseling services to community resources including EAP and Managed Care Companies. He developed an Information System for the daily operation of a self-owned private practice including study of outcomes. He has utilized database, spreadsheet, word processing, desktop publishing and Internet-based applications since 1984.

Beginning 1989, Tom served on the board of the St. Louis T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association (not-for-profit) for nine years, including involvement in daily operation of the organization, working closely with board members and constituents in the capacity of President, Vice President, general board member and instructor.

Senior Partner, Consultant, Psychologist | Institute for Motivational Development | May 1985 – September 1988

Partner of private practitioner group, Tom’s responsibilities included management of business related aspects in the private practice setting, providing supervision to two professional staff, working with a variety of individuals, assisting them in assessing their developmental needs, and working to accomplish tasks related to those needs.

Licensed Consulting Psychologist | Counseling Center at Saint Mary’s College in Minnesota | August 1984 – May 1985

Tom provided counseling and consultative services to a college population of 1,100 students. He provided supervision to counseling center staff as well as community consultation, career services, and consultation to general college population. Tom developed and implemented a comprehensive evaluation and accountability MIS system.

Senior Staff Counselor | Counseling Center at Illinois State University, 1982 – August 1984 | Counseling Center at Valparaiso University in Indiana, August 1980 – 1982

Tom served as a part of a multidisciplinary group on numerous team projects. Group activities included developing a paraprofessional team in which training, supervision and evaluation were required. Needs assessment research was performed and evaluated. Community outreach and marketing of programs were performed within the team environment. He assisted in the provision of career related and general counseling services to the college population.

Consultative Orientation

A practical, eclectic model of management assessment and development primarily directs facilitation, consultations and interventions. Managerial assessment conceptualizations are derived from a detailed historical analysis, 360 surveying, personality testing with normative interpretation of data, and interview assessment of managerial strengths and weaknesses. Intervention modalities utilized are multimodal, including behavioral skills training, shadowing, coaching, and cognitive, educational team, management and career development. Tom has specialized training through the Arbinger Institute. Their solution to the problem of self-deception has been integrated into his work with individuals and the results they are seeking in their lives.

Facilitation, Consultation and Education Programming

Tom has presented and facilitated a variety of workshops and consultative and educational presentations to medical students, hospital personnel, business personnel, college administrators and faculty, and students and their parents. Some of the topics presented include:

Research and Computer Experience

Tom has collected and evaluated demographic data on clients at the University of North Dakota Counseling Center, including data coding and computer analysis. Electronically archived data collected in previous years creating a database for future research availability. In addition he has used a variety of computer systems, languages and programs including computer timesharing systems, Microsoft Office, desktop publishing, Dreamweaver webpage design, graphics, Fortran, QuickBasic and SPSS.