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Harmonizing Leadership Retreats

Learn a unique leadership approach and style from a 2,500 year-old oriental philosophy “A Quantum Leap in Leadership Practices” through one- to three-day Harmonizing Leadership retreat. Attend to become aware of fundamental leadership principles in a simple and understandable way. Your professionally facilitated retreat will take the leadership of your organization to places it has never been before. Harmonizing Leadership will bring the program to you at your retreat location, or you may come to us for a turnkey experience. We plan every aspect of your retreat (except travel to the venue) where we provide the professionally facilitated retreat.

The retreat offers you an intellectual and physical feast of learning, and promises to be a unique, rich, eye-opening experience for your YPO, WPO, organization, leadership team or other peer support group.

You will:

You will learn to:

Your assignment will be to look for philosophical and practical statements, in the course materials, that speak to you and remind you of stories from your leadership experiences where Taoism is in sync with your leadership behavior or can provide new methods to deal with your unresolved or unrealized challenges. It is these stories that produce your unique leadership learning opportunities.
The dress code for the entire retreat is casual. Mindfulness and T’ai Chi lessons are best done in loose, comfortable clothing with flat shoes


“This has been a very effective, thought-evoking session. As a lifelong learner, I have enjoyed examining and discussing our many points of view on leadership as it relates to the Tao Te Ching. I have always harbored an interest in eastern philosophy but up to this point only focused on my passions for things like golf and fly fishing and the processes of mind body connection, and I was and still am so rooted in the pursuit of excellence in those endeavors. Like these pursuits, leadership cannot be mastered, only practiced; practiced and improved; shared and studied. The energy of new knowledge ripples through my mind. I will refer to the Tao often.”

—President of a valve manufacturing company­

“I have learned that a number of these ancient Chinese principles are already in harmony with my leadership style. I can continue to grow by consciously thinking about more of them now instead of just accidentally doing some of them. I never thought much about the principles of paradox and polarities but I find this highly interesting and enriching. I can use these principles best if I put them together in a continuous balancing act.”

—CEO of a geospatial mapping company

“It has been profoundly meaningful to me to share Taoist principle and process with all of you. I feel that you will take a part of who I am with you when you re-enter your world. You have affirmed for me the value of storytelling as a great learning tool. And I truly care for and appreciate your friendship, your dedication to learning and your openness to new ways.”

—President of a consulting business

“In winter I retreat. I soften myself before life’s bold attacks and let them fall into emptiness. Relaxed, I gather fresh energy from the lively cosmos. Renewed, I venture forth anew; younger and with clarity of vision, committed to purposeful action.”

—Executive Director of the World’s leading university-based business incubator program

“Everything I need to know in life was taught to me as a child. Be respectful, treat others as you would like to be treated, and be aware of how your behavior influences others. Taoism reminded me of these core principals and the time at the retreat allowed me to reflect, slow down and ponder where I want to focus to be balanced and centered.”

—Principal of a petroleum distribution company

“T’ai Chi reminded me of my need to take care of not only my spirit but also my mind and body. Bringing all of these concepts together and putting them into practice will make me a stronger and better leader.”

—CEO of a mechanical contracting firm

“I enjoyed the experience much more than I thought I would. T’ai Chi was a highlight. The Taoist philosophy that we have read about adds to my arsenal when leading and educating others and helping them reach their full potential.”

—President of an electrical component-manufacturing firm

“The group field at the retreat was incredible. The feeling in the center had a very peaceful, related and supportive touch to it. When one of us was nourished, all of us were nourished.”

—President of a roofing supply distributor